we are identityplus.

We give machines identity to enable service to identify them before they connect. We are a cryptographic identity broker and we believe cybersecurity is an function of identity - that of machines.

In a social construct, security can not emerge from relative strength or technological superiority between individuals. It is the accountability of individuals that ensures the strong protects the weak, instead of abusing them. Like society, the Internet is a social construct. The key to making it a secure environment is accountability.

Accountability Online

One of the most fundamental ingredients in social relations is accountability - the process by which we are responsible for our own actions. We firmly believe that extending that accountability into the online would lay the ground for unprecedented stability and growth - an Internet like the one we imagine

Attribution / Recognition / Trust

"Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships. When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective." (Stephen R. Covey)

Accountability is not only responsibility - it is also recognition. When we have it, we can build trust. That's how we think the Internet should be

Respect is Default Privacy, the Result

Privacy is an important asset of each individual - the power to hold a wild-card within the rules of the game. Peeping, disrespecting privacy is cheating - robbing fellows from this power - deliberately trying to make them lesser opponents. We believe one should not need to protect one's privacy online - everybody else should go out of their way to make sure it is respected

To reconcile these seemingly contradictory concepts (accountability, privacy, even anonymity) we need a new identity model - one that gives identity to everything and preserves the chain of accountability

Accountability of

Take a step back and look at the Internet differently: it is not you who connects to websites, your computer does that when instructed by your clicks, touches, swipes or voice commands. Cybercriminals do not exploit online accounts, computers do, instructed by code written by those criminals. Devices, are the common denominator over the internet - authenticating your device prevents criminals from accessing your account, because devices commanded by anybody else but you, can be denied connection - it's the perfect bottleneck to choke cybercrime - the perfect place to enable accountability

Identity of you in cyberspace

Identity is a funny thing, it is not a name or an address, but rather what they point to ... An unbreakable perimeter where all that which is you is contained. In cyberspace, this is your digital projection - the set of all online services that hold information on you together with the information they hold. We call it your digital shadow and used properly, it needs no exchange of personal information to ensure accountability - the prime leverage of upstanding citizens of the Internet


You - your machines - your accounts - connected

Identity Plus accounts connects machine identities to cyberspace identities to people. The anonymous face that protects privacy, prevents unknown machines from connecting to your accounts and establishes the chain of accountability over the Internet. It is - x - the variable in the unified identity equation - it is your cyberspace identity.

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