End User License Agreement

Updated April 19, 2019 / Identity Plus

These terms govern the use of the identity plus platform and all associated products supplied by identity plus as an identity suite for oneself and the devices one manages.

Changes to this document

We reserve the right to change these terms as often as we deem necessary. We will highlight the date of the last change alongside the footer link to the document. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the terms of use.


We call a device any tool (hardware or software) that connects to the Internet and which uses an X509 SSL Client Certificate (which we call device identities) to identify itself to identity plus or third party services using identity plus services.

Internet Identity

Your Identity Plus account (also called identity plus) is what we call your internet identity. It represents the anchor point to which both your devices and the third party accounts are connected.

Device Identity

The X509 Certificate you install on your device(s) manually, using an identity plus tool or a third party service, constitutes the identity of the device. This identity is unique and and connected to your Internet Identity. While this certificate is generally stored in secure valuts on any modern computer and as such much harder to steal than a normal file or password, it is your responsibility to keep your computer safe such that this identity does not fall into the wrong hands, as it would allow an attacker to impersonate your device, and as a consequence your Internet Identity.

Should you lose your device, or suspect that it, or its device identity got compromised, it is your responsibility to use an secondary device and revoke the compromised device identity,

Management of Device Identities

All device identities issued by you as part of our service will represent one of your devices over the internet. We provide all the means to manage these identities, but it is your sole responsibility to issue them, renew them or revoke them should you suspect they have been compromised or consider necessary for any other reason.


We call a deed any feedback provided by a third party (positive or negative) with respect to your internet identity

Anonymous Accountability

Device Identities are based on private key cryptography and provide a very high degree of non-repudiation. As such, any deed recorded by one of your devices will be attributed to your Internet Identity. That said, no personal information accompanies this process, and even if a reporting third party possesses your personal information (by any other means), we provide no means for it to forward that information either to us, or to any other third party within the identity plus ecosystem. Additionally, third parties using the identity plus services are bound by the terms of service not to exchange service related information (such as deeds) outside identity plus platform.

Responsible Conduct and Anonymous Reputation

You understand that anything you do over the internet it is your sole responsibility. We are an identity platform, and as such, we have neither sufficient information, nor do we have the intention to judge your conduct over the internet.

It is up to you to respect the rules and the conduit of each of the services you interact with and judging your behavior is at the sole discretion of the service.

As part of our service, we impartially collect all the feedback that third parties using identity plus services report about your identity. Based on this information we create an anonymous reputation profile which is attributed to your identity. Your anonymous reputation is considered public information. It contains no personal information and by default it reveals no information about your relationship with any third party.


We reserve the right to follow up and investigate any negative review / feedback we receive from our clients on one of your devices or your Identity Plus Identity. We reserve the right to invalidate or revoke device identities should we consider the overall behavior of such device to be unethical.

If you consider you received unfavorable feedback from any third party, it is your responsibility to bring it up with them and clear any misunderstandings. Solely the third party who reported a transgression, can revoke that transgression and clear the negative bill of reputation from your Identity.

Legal Conduct

You agree not to use our services for any activity that is illegal in your country or jurisdiction. You understand that we are bound by the law to cooperate with authorities in case of any legal investigations.

Limitations of liability

Use Identity Plus services at your own risk and responsibility. You cannot hold Identity Plus liable for any damages you incur or cause, material or otherwise, due to the unavailability or improper functioning of the service.


The Identity Plus Identity is strongly anchored into the Internet and can become very sensitive. We make great efforts to make it as secure and impossible to hijack as we can. Recovering Identity Plus Identities can become very difficult if you lose all access to it as we are trying to minimize the personally identifiable information we hold on you.

We offer several recovery mechanisms to prevent such circumstance, but it is up to you to ensure you make use of these mechanisms and keep them up to date, such that they would be effective.

Guarding Secrets

Like any Identity together with their authentication processes, the Identity Plus Identity requires certain information to be confidential to the owner of the identity: SSL Client Certificates, passwords to certificates, PIN, recovery keys, etc. It is your responsibility to keep this information private and connected solely with your identity. For example, but not limited to, under no circumstance should you issue a certificate for a third party person or company to log into your accounts, you should not share your recovery key, your PIN. It is your responsibility to keep this information/files only on devices that are locked and you should never share the keys to those devices.

Termination of relationship

You have the right to terminate your relationship with Identity Plus at any time by simply discontinuing use of our service. You can also request deletion of all your personal information. It is your responsibility to disconnect your Identity Plus identity from each of the sites / services it is connected to.

You understand however, that your reputation resides with each account at each service, disconnecting services with the intention of migrating them to a different account will not eliminate your reputation with these services, and ultimately the overall reputation of such new Identity Plus Identity will end up being the same.

We reserve ourselves the right to terminate your Identity Plus Identity should we consider your behavior to be non-compliant with this license agreement. In such event we will notify all services you authenticate into with your Identity Plus Identity. It is their sole decision if they want to continue their relationship with you outside the Identity Plus platform.

Automatic Termination

You have the possibility to configure the automatic termination of your account for the event when this is not accessed for a specific period of time. This may be a result of you losing complete access to your account or due to the unfortunate event of you no longer being around to access them.

If that were to occur, we are going to notify the services where you identify yourself with your Identity Plus Identity and it is up to them to decide how to act on that information.

You also have the possibility to transfer ownership of select third party services to a designated Identity Plus account. Similarly, in this instance, we are going to notify the third party about this action and it is up to them to give course to such ownership transfer. If there are legal or financial obligations in such transfer it will be up to the service and the transferee Identity Plus Identity to comply with such obligations.

Termination of Service

This is something that we will try to avoid with all our might, but in the unfortunate event that we were forced to stop providing our services, we reserve ourselves the right to do so without any prior notification.

If you'd like to see the identity plus suite in action, have ideas on how to apply it for your needs, have encountered difficulties or have any question / comments with respect to privacy, security or cryptography reach out. We look forward to the challenge of answering difficult questions and learning from you.