Privacy Statement

Updated April 19, 2019 / Identity Plus

Your Data is Yours

We consider all information that we acquire about you, whether it originates directly from you, via our business-to-business services or through analytical processes, to be rightfully your information. We make efforts to give you visual access to all this information in your user-space as part of our end-user-service and you can also request an offline copy, which we make available to you within 15 days. You can also request the deletion or obfuscation of all or part of the data that we hold about you. In certain cases, we may hold knowledge on some third party holding information on you. It is important to note that we would be unable to remove the information the entity holds on you, all we can remove is the knowledge of that particular entity holding your information.

No Tracking

We operate on a strict no-tracking policy, which means we use no concealed internal or third party mechanisms / services to detect your presence on the Internet, outside our services. This also means we do not allow any third party services to track your presence on our site, including search engines and social networks.

As part of our core service, we do get informed whenever you authenticate into a service through our identity service. Like all information about you, this too, is at your disposal within your user-space as part of our end-user-service.


We only use cookies to track your session and options on our site. We do not facilitate any third party service to place cookies of any kind on your computer.

Device Identities

As part of our service, we enable you to install X509 SSL Client Certificates on your systems. These client certificates contain no information about your persona or any other trackable information (outside the certificate itself). You can change these certificates as often as you like to make things even harder to track.


Your activity on our site is recorded for potential security and quality control investigations. No personal information is persisted in logs other than the IP address you connected from